Sunday, October 10, 2010

going to mbmb

start now enough bout syafik ...
today im going to mbmb wif my frens such as azwan,,tokei..haikal n cot ..
things dat makes me shock was i meet someone that i lyke to see his smile ..
i didnt expect dat i will meet him !
i juz love to see his smile ..
u make me fall into u ..
haha omg !!
then im going to malacca mall n jusco wif my frens ...
then went to communications fiesta ..
once again dat boy dat stole my heart AGAIN makes me shock !!
i saw him at ***** ...
omg he's so cute !
i have to admit dat i love him n cant lose him in dis tyme ..
am i falling in luv ??
am i nur hidayah,,a girl dat hard to believe in man n love suddenly love a guy ?
is it me ?
im not sure if he love me too ..
omg i luv u so much a**** ...
i luv to see ur smile ..
without any doubt i have to say i afraid to lose u ..
i cant lose u .....
im just hopping dat he will be mine ...
coz im not dat kinda girl dat easy to lyke people n love guy ..
he's the only one dat succesfully stole my heart ...
a*** would u be mine ?